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Fascia & Soffits can truly enhance the aesthetics of your home, yet they also serve an essential and integral purpose. When correctly installed Fascia & Soffits allows ventilation into the roof space preventing damage such as damp and rot from occurring in the roof rafters.

They also act as a barrier from harsh weather conditions, protecting your roof from the elements which may otherwise cause damp and other damage. Additionally, Fascia & Soffits support the gutter system to correctly divert rainwater away from your home into the drainage system. Furthermore, they act as a preventative measure against unwanted visitors such as birds and squirrels who like to nest and take up residence in your roof space.

Whilst professionally installing a crucial element to your home, Pinnacle Fascia & Soffits can provide a variety of decorative styles, and colours to suit your tastes. Please contact us for further information.

Stages of Fascia & Soffits Installation

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This first image shows an example of what not to do. At Pinnacle Fascia & Soffits we never cover over existing fascia & soffits due to the fact it will leave no ventilation which will later cause the material to sweat and eventually rot.

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We remove all the old materials back to the roof rafters.

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We then screw in non-decomposing uPVC choc blocks to the side of the roof rafters. This allows us to fix the fascia & soffits to a straight, solid structure.

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The next stage is to fix the fascia & soffits to the straight, solid chocs with the required coloured nails and pins.

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Following this we screw the gutter brackets to the fascia with the correct amount of fall and spacing to allow the rainwater to run to the drainage system.

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Depending on the existing roof tiles we screw an over fascia vent or a 3 in 1 system (eaves, vent, bird guard) to the top of the fascia. The eaves slide under the felt as protection to prevent any water from infiltrating into the fascia & soffits. Instead allowing water to run onto the eaves tray and into the gutter. The vent allows ventilation into the roof space. And the bird guard prevents any unwanted visitors such a birds and squirrels.

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Finally, we clean and seal the fascia, soffits and gutter and install the downpipe. Job done!

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